To put it in simple words, Oil Yoga is applying the oil upon body and practicing Asanas. But it’s just a superficial way to explanation or first glimpse about oil yoga. Oil yoga which is called as Sneha yoga in Sanskrit, which has its own origins, philosophy, sequences and practice methodology.

Throughout the evolution of human being “Swasthya” (Physical, Mental and Emotional health) has been given ultimate priority. Health is the basic requirement to discover materialistic and spiritual wellbeing. The ultimate goal of yoga is going beyond physical body and senses to understand one’s true nature and existence. Meanwhile most of the yoga texts and masters give priority to body and senses to maintain them in a healthy and holistic way. Body has to be respected and preserved as an instrument to attain highest goal of yoga. As B.K.S Iyengar one of the great practitioner and teacher said “It is through your body that you realize you are a spark of divinity.”

Even though all paths of yoga lead to the same goal, approach and methodology may differ one style to another. Sneha yoga has been discovered and developed to attain same result combining Yoga, Ayurveda, Malla Yudha and Kalaripayattu philosophies.  Applying specific oils and practicing specific asnas with vinyasa padhati will give desired results of ultimate physical and mental wellbeing. Body will become perfect instrument to move forward in the path of yoga.

Origins of Sneha Yoga: Concept of applying the oil on the body and practicing asanas   comes from Mallayudha and Kalaripayattu. In these two-ancient martial art system, practitioner apply oil on the body and do exercises to preserve good health and improve flexibility. These both systems are coming from Indra the leader of Gods, Agastya a great yogi and Parashurama who is the incarnation of Vishnu.

Benefits of practicing Oil Yoga:

  • Ultimate health and strength of the body.
  • Stress less focused mind.
  • Balanced nervous system.
  • Protecting the body from early aging.
  • Purification of blood.
  • Improving Lung capacity.
  • Keeping sensory organs healthy.
  • Rejuvenating muscles and organs of the body.
  • Prepares the practitioner to follow yogic disciplines to discover oneself.

There are three sequences has been created in Oil Yoga system to rejuvenate the body, senses, pranic channels and chakras.

  1. Rakat Shudhi- Purification of blood
  2. Anga Samskara- Rejuvenation of muscles and organs
  3. Pranotkarsha- Channelizing the prana with bija mantras, drishitis and bandhas.

I would be honoured to receive you and share the knowledge of Oil yoga with you. Looking forward to see you on the mat

With Love and Light,