Our Biggest fears

Human’s nature most of the time indulge in basic instincts of animal kingdom, such as food, fear, sleep and reproduction. Anyone who raise above these basic instincts will become yogi or yogini. One of the dominating basic instinct is fear. What are the biggest fears...

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Oil Yoga Workshop Paris

First Ever Oil Yoga Workshop   All my doubts and questions regarding bringing Oil Yoga practice to the world has been answered clearly. It has been few years I was eagerly waiting to share this knowledge with the world. First ever Oil Yoga workshop conducted in...

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Am I Practicing Yoga?

Yoga is happening to you, me and to everyone each moment, we need to be conscious to understand it. With each inhalation prana is flowing in to the body keeping us alive. Prana from universe has been flowing independently when we took the first breath when got birth....

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What is Oil/ Senha Yoga?

To put it in simple words, Oil Yoga is applying the oil upon body and practicing Asanas. But it’s just a superficial way to explanation or first glimpse about oil yoga. Oil yoga which is called as Sneha yoga in Sanskrit, which has its own origins,...

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