Some of us may be thinking to attend Yoga Teacher Training course to become a yoga teacher. Before taking this big step kindly do introspection. Teaching is huge responsibility which can be fulfilled with deeper study, regular practice, patience and understanding the subject.


Most of the time we are carried away with watching the success of our teacher or our friend who is a yoga teacher. We feel that if that person can do it, I can also do it.  But is this your ‘Inner call’ or you are imposing the ‘Idea of success’ on yourself? This is so important to clarify before making the decision to take teaching path. May your teacher or your friend’s teachings and persona become your inspiration. All those wonderful teachers have put their heart and soul for learning and sharing for years.


Becoming a yoga teacher is an inner journey, which reflects externally. Ask these questions to yourself before enrolling to a yoga course. Why I want to become Yoga Teacher? What is my inner strength?


If you are identifying your answer with below mentioned points, you should seriously take steps to attend a yoga course :

  1. I practice regularly and I have experienced the benefits of yoga.
  2. I want to share my experience with others.
  3. Teaching yoga will bring joy within me.
  4. I understand my inner strength to communicate with others.
  5. I have passion, dedication and dignity to become a yoga teacher.
  6. I am ready to undertake intense Physical, Mental and Emotional practice.
  7. Before start teaching, I will spend at least few months to internalize the knowledge, which I have received during the course.
  8. I am not anticipating to earn my livelihood through teaching in short time.
  9. I have patience to convey yoga knowledge to all levels of yoga students.
  10. I am open to learn throughout my life to improve my teaching.

Don’t undertake Yoga Teacher Training just to earn name or money. May your inner call guide you to become a wonderful yoga teacher. Let us uphold the dignity of the ancient yogis and true roots of yoga. Let us inspire others with our dedication and teachings in the yoga path.