Frequently Asked Questions

9. For which Visa you should I apply to travel to India?

You should apply for online Visa on the official website : /

10. How much far is Patnem from Goa International Airport?

Patnem is about 60 kms from Dabolim International Airport, Goa. It will take approximately 1h30 by car to reach Patnem. The cost of the taxi is between 1800 to 2500 Indian Roupies. 


All budgets and all type of accommodations are available online : 

  • Airbnb

For Goa – India, as myself and Stephanie are staying there for several months, we can help you to find your accommodation but only when the course fees have been paid. 

1. What is the difference between “Oil Yoga” and “Mahanyasa yoga”?
In Oil yoga specific oils are applied on the body and asanas are practiced to attain the benefits according to the sequences. In Mahanayasa yoga asanas are practiced without oil application. In both styles sequences and pattern of the asanas will be the same.
2. What is the procedure after filling the application form?
Once application form will be filled up by the student, the teacher will go through with it thoroughly. If the student is eligible to attend the class will be sent a preparation video to practice at home before practicing with the teacher for a longer duration. Other details about class fees and Oils which will be used also sent through mail.
3. Can I attend a drop in class?
Yes. Either you can send a mail or meet the teacher in person prior to attend a drop in class.
4. Who should not attend the Oil yoga class?
  1. Students who are allergic to Oils
  2. Students who have open wound or rashes on the body
  3. During the pregnancy
  4. Acute health problems such as Back pain, Heart problem, High Blood pressure and Asthma.
  5. First 3 days of menstruation student should avoid the oil yoga practice. But other classes like Drishti practice, Basic Steps of Pranayama, Vinyasa count and Mantra chanting classes should be attended.
5. Will I get any class material?
Yes. If you are attending at least one month of oil yoga or Mahanyasa classes, then you will be receiving a cloth mat, towels, Asana chart, and food chart will be included in the fee.
6. Will oil be provided in the class?
High-quality oil will be provided to apply to the body according to the need of the sequence which will be included in the class fee.
7. Which are the non-practice days during a month?
Every 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th and Full Moon and New Moon days will be non-practicing days.
8. Oil Allergy?
Once you register for one month program or for weeks or for drop-in-class, Teacher will ask you to test some of the oils before attending the class. Once test is successful, you will be provided with the same kind of oil.