Human’s nature most of the time indulge in basic instincts of animal kingdom, such as food, fear, sleep and reproduction.

Anyone who raise above these basic instincts will become yogi or yogini.

One of the dominating basic instinct is fear.

What are the biggest fears in life?

Yes! first one is death!

If anyone tell me if I step out of the home I will die, I will never dare to get out of my home.

What will be second biggest fear?

In my opinion, it’s facing one’s true self.

All of us have stored memories of the good things and bad things which happened in our lives.

We want to cherish all the good things which took place but we don’t want to face the bad things happened in our life. If we have forgiven and let them go all those bad things that will not bother us but if we mask all those memories it will give bad effects.

Yoga is all about cleansing these memories. It doesn’t mean that by practicing yoga one will lose the memories but by practicing yoga, one will not be affected by them.

Even though final goal of yoga is attaining ‘Nirvana’, without cleansing process it is not possible.

So, when you start dedicated deep yoga practice, these memories may come to surface.

There is no need to fear, they are just memories. Face them analyze and let them go. One must understand masking those memories will harm now or in future in the yogic path. It is better to face and clear those memories.

Don’t be afraid to face the box of memories.

One has to understand:

Life is long and beautiful.

There are two options,

  • I suffer with those memories connecting to all the incidents happening around me and get affected
  • Or understanding I am going to live longer so why I have to suffer with those pat bad memories? You have the freedom to connect with both. Choose the right one which will make your life beautiful.

Take your time, sit calmly, have cup of coffee and introspect upon your memoirs.

Let the cleansing begin. Remember! You are the boss of yourself and You are responsible for your happiness! Om!