Yoga is happening to you, me and to everyone each moment, we need to be conscious to understand it. With each inhalation prana is flowing in to the body keeping us alive.

Prana from universe has been flowing independently when we took the first breath when got birth. Before that our mother was the channel for prana for us. With our many activates throughout the day Yama and Niyama are incorporated but we need to observe and make it deeply rooted in all our character and actions.

Most of the yoga scriptures strongly emphasis ‘To practice complete form of yoga one should be isolated from the worldly activities’. But all of them agrees the preparation for the complete yogic path should be undertake by the Sadhaka (Practitioner).

All ancient yoga masters and philosophies denies those practitioners who just jump in the yogic path without preparation.

Tools for living yoga life

When we study Patanjali Yoga sutras, it seems to be impossible to lead yoga life living in modern society. But anything and everything will start with the first step. There are many ways to adopt yogic lifestyle which will lead in to the complete path of yoga eventually.


In day- today life we lack in observing and understanding ourselves in to the core. We need to observe pattern of thoughts, emotions and actions. Once we begin the observation it’s easy to understand and change them. For an example when we are walking if you are aware we may not step on ant line or on an insect where the Non-Violence will be incorporated in our life at micro level.

While walking in the street, we may come across with a homeless person, our emotions say let me help but we may walk away without noticing it. When helping nature is nourished ‘Karuna’ compassion will be incorporated in our subconscious mind which will lead to non-violence and unconditional love.

Accepting ourselves

With observation, our present qualities of the self will come to surface. Some may be positive and other can be negative. Positive qualities which are helping us to evolve as a good human being such as patience, joy, respecting others, being humble and helping nature.

Negative qualities such as greediness, anger, laziness, jealousy and ego which disturbs the positive qualities. Once both qualities are observed and accepted by the individual, process of enhancing or removing of any quality will be easy.

Most of the times we don’t want to face our darker qualities and we mask them which will be harmful to lead the yogic lifestyle. When we start nourishing our good qualities our emotions will get stabilized.

Changing the patterns

Most of our activities, thinking process, likes and dislikes will take place with biological clock which we have set already. Mind will follow the same routine which is already fixed. For example, if you are using a numeric password in our mobile for longer period and if you change it, for few days your finger will be taping the same old password for.

Once your mind observes and accept the new password, your fingers will not make mistake any more. In the same manner, we have set our mind with likes and dislikes. Sometimes which we like it may not be good for your yogic lifestyle or wise versa, the things or thoughts which may not like are good for leading yogic lifestyle.

So, Observe, Accept and Change!

With Love and Light,